[ENGAGE] is a self-defense and martial arts personal training agency based in Hong Kong, and is the proud home of Senshido Asia. Our focus is on developing real fighting ability first with fitness as a byproduct of that training as opposed to just going through the motions as part of an alternative fitness plan.

In group classes, instructors often have to cater to mixed-level abilities and necessarily must maintain a broad focus on the class. Beginning and advanced athletes alike do not get the individual attention they need, and so it can be both intimidating and slow for beginners to make real progress in terms of applying the skills being taught, as well as for advanced athletes to take their fight game up that extra notch. On top of that, sometimes life gets in the way, and scheduling conflicts between work, family and training are inevitable.

[ENGAGE] personal training services offers one-on-one, buddy training and small group (up to 4 friends) training, and we even come to you, when it’s convenient for you.


Intercept Tactical Online

Intercept Tactical Online is an online portal and journal created by Trevor Wilcox through which two primary audiences are served:

  1. the combatives / martial arts / self-defense (add latest related buzzword here – I think these ones sum it up) community. The heading for this part of the website is [ENGAGE] (Intercept Combatives).Therein is a bunch of resources that I come up with myself through my musings, training and experimentation, or otherwise source from around the interwebs. The aim is to help people improve their quality of life by addressing anything and everything to do with
    • street violence
    • survival
    • personal security
    • fitness
    • strength
    • tactical mindset
    • training
    • health
  2. people from the first group looking for website help. I’m a web designer by profession, and this is kind of my way of giving back to the community that has given me so much. I’ve given my web design services the label Stealth Design. More about that here.

Trev Wilcox

Dad. Martial Minimalist. Tactical Athlete. Designer. Coffee Lover. Comic Geek.
(not necessarily in that order)

I have been involved in the martial arts since 1988, which have included training, teaching and competing. I have constantly studied and cross-trained in a variety of systems in order to improve my understanding of the totality of martial art and enhance my martial prowess. This includes (in no specific order) Senshido, Hap Ki Do, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Freestyle Karate, Muay Thai, Capoeira, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Wing Chun, Jun Fan, Kali and Personal Defense Readiness.

Some time after I moved to Hong Kong in 2006, I established a private group as a platform for experimenting and training in “reality-based martial arts (RBMA)”: functional martial art systems and tactics that are proven effective in real fight situations, be it the ring, the cage, the streets, or the battlefield.

To me, RBMA was about finding out what works in any context when someone is trying their best to dominate you within the parameters (or lack thereof) of that context and how you can adapt your skillsets accordingly. RBMA is more than “RBSD” (reality-based self-defense); it’s about embracing totality and adaptability. In Bruce Lee’s words, it’s “the art of expressing the human body, in combative form”, challenging yourself, smashing through old limitations, and becoming a better you.

Officially, the only organisation that I have maintained an affiliation with is Senshido International, and the training programs I offer are based primarily on my own twist on Senshido and Jeet Kune Do Concepts.